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Verilink Tap-to-Claim NFT Redemption

This tutorial illustrates the simple process for redeeming a NFT with a Verilink Physical NFT.

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NFT Claiming in 3 Simple Steps

Verilink Physical NFTs allow the NFT to be claimed by tapping your mobile device to the Verilink Tag. To redeem NFT ownership of your Verilink Physical NFT, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Verilink App (Free)

  2. View the NFT In-App

  3. Claim the NFT In-App

For a visual guide, skip to the Tap-to-Claim video tutorial.

Download the Verilink App

The Verilink App is an easy to use blockchain wallet that allows you to store and interact with your NFTs. We currently only support IOS devices and have plans to support Android devices in the future. For any support or inquiries, please contact us at:

If you enjoy your experience, please leave a 5-star review. We are a startup and your experience and support matters to us :)


  1. Download the Verilink App

View the NFT In-App

To view the NFT in the Verilink App, you can either tap the Verilink Tag or scan the Verilink QR Code. Either works, we'll explain how to do both.

View by Tapping the Verilink Tag

Click the "Tap" button and Tap the Verilink Tag to lead you to the NFT page.

View by Scanning the QR Code

Click the "Scan" button and scan the QR code to lead you to the NFT page.

NFT View Page

If you have Tapped or Scanned correctly, you should see something similar to the view below.


  1. Tap or Scan

  2. View the NFT

Claim the NFT In-App

Claiming the NFT from the Verilink Tag requires viewing the NFT in the Verilink App and performing a Tap on the Verilink Tag.

Click the "Claim" Button

If the NFT is claimable, you should see the "claim" button appear on the NFT view. Click the "claim" button to enter the claiming process. The claim process will have you Tap the Verilink Tag.

How to "Tap" a Verilink Tag

For iPhones, the antenna is at the top of the phone. When tapping the tag, either touch the Verilink Tag with the top of your phone or get as close as comfortable to touching the Verilink Tag with the top of your phone.

Redeem the NFT

After sending the blockchain transaction, you will have to wait some time for the blockchain to process and confirm the transaction. After this, you should see the NFT in your wallet!


  1. Click the "Claim" button

  2. Tap the Verilink Tag

  3. Redeem the NFT

Notes: You will see dialogue recommending you to backup your wallet. By going through this process it ensures that if the app is deleted or your phone is damaged, you can recover your NFTs.

Video Tutorial: Tap-to-Claim

Backup Your Wallet

Backing up your wallet will allow you to recover all of your NFTs even if the app is deleted or your phone is lost or destroyed. Backing up your wallet consists of storing or writing down, and saving a secret phrase. This secret phrase can allow anyone to access your wallet, so be sure to keep it secret and secured.

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