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Verilink QR Code NFT Redemption

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

This tutorial illustrates the simple process for redeeming a NFT with a Verilink QR Code

Verilink, NFT, QR Code

NFT Redemption in 3 Simple Steps

Verilink QR Codes store a redeemable NFT. Each Verilink QR Code offers a single use redemption.

To redeem your NFT, follow these simple steps:

  1. Scan the Verilink QR Code with your mobile device

  2. Download the Verilink App (Free)

  3. Redeem in the Verilink App


Scan the Verilink QR Code

Use your mobile device camera to scan the QR Code and follow the link to our website. Once there, you'll be able to view the NFT. A banner will appear indicating that the NFT can be claimed with the Verilink App. Click the link in the banner and it will take you to the App Store.


  1. Scan the QR Code

  2. Follow the link to the Verilink website

  3. Click the Verilink App button in the banner

Download the Verilink App

The Verilink App is an easy to use blockchain wallet that allows you to store and interact with your NFTs. We currently only support IOS devices and have plans to support Android devices in the future. For any support or inquiries, please contact us at:

If you enjoy your experience, please leave a 5-star review. We are a startup and your experience and support matters to us :)


  1. Download the Verilink App

Redeem in the Verilink App

The Verilink App is able to redeem NFTs from the QR code. Once redeemed, the Verilink App will store your collected NFT. You can send the NFT to another blockchain wallet or keep it stored in the Verilink App. On the home screen, click the scan button. The scan button will open the camera to scan a QR code. Scanning the Verilink QR code will take you to a screen to view the NFT. If the NFT is claimable, you will see a claim button. Click the claim button to send a blockchain transaction to redeem the NFT. After the transaction is completed, the NFT will show up in your wallet on the home screen.


  1. Open the Verilink App

  2. Click the scan button to scan the QR code with your camera

  3. Click the claim button

  4. Wait for the transaction to happen on the blockchain

  5. View the NFT in your home screen

Notes: You will see dialogue recommending you to backup your wallet. By going through this process it ensures that if the app is deleted or your phone is damaged, you can recover your NFTs.

Additional Information

Thanks for following the tutorial and redeeming an NFT with Verilink! Stay connected with us for more tutorials on the Verilink App and upcoming features.

Backup Your Wallet

Backing up your wallet will allow you to recover all of your NFTs even if the app is deleted or your phone is lost or destroyed. Backing up your wallet consists of storing or writing down, and saving a secret phrase. This secret phrase can allow anyone to access your wallet, so be sure to keep it secret and secured.

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