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Protect your brand and add digital experiences to your products

Let us link your products in the physical realm to the digital realm using blockchain technology

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We've solved counterfeiting

It turns out the technology used to solve counterfeiting doubles as a way to create beautiful digital experiences for your customers.  

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How it works

When customers purchase a product with Verilink, they obtain both the physical item and the ownership of a digital experience.


The digital experience is delivered via their smartphone which is used to scan a chip embedded in the product or its packaging.  This same microchip cryptographically ensures that the product is unique and not counterfeit.

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Luxury: Our Tech

Want a piece of the growing multi-billion $ NFT industry?

You've probably heard of non-fungible-tokens or "NFTs" for short.  Verilink secured products are fully compatible with the NFT standard (ERC-721) so your brand can leverage the exciting new possibilities of this technology.

We handle all of the complexity related to creating the NFTs, securely linking them to the chips, and generating valuable analytics for you.

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