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Authenticate your art and bring it to life

A unique way to digitize and authenticate physical art using NFTs


We've solved counterfeiting (among other things)

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Add a digital twist 

Creators can link an exclusive digital experience to their physical artworks.  The experience is limited only by creators' imaginations

How it works


Creators embed a Verilink smart-tag into or behind their physical art


We create an NFT on the eco-friendly polygon blockchain that is linked to the physical art


A buyer purchases the art via an auction or fixed-price sale.  The buyer may opt to to not ship it if just flipping


The buyer can resell the item by sending it to Verilink for escrow. Creators receive royalties on all resales.


What are your fees?

We take 10% of the initial sale price. If your art is resold on OpenSea, you are entitled to 8% of the resale price each time it changes hands.

How can my customers purchase my art?

If your customers have a cryptographic wallet (like MetaMask), they can pay with crypto. Otherwise, they can pay with their card.

Can I still sell my art via other means?

Yes! If your art is sold on the side, we can't even enforce our fees. However, if you sell it on the side, we are unable to transfer the digital ownership of the piece to the new owner. In this case, our technology still serves as an irrefutable certificate of authenticity.

Can I sell my art in a gallery?

Yes. If your gallery is a Verilink partner, we fully support sales through them. If they aren't a partner, we recommend you ask your gallery about becoming one. If they aren't a partner and you still want to sell through them, see the "Can I still sell my art via other means" FAQ above.

Can I list my art on NFT marketplaces other than OpenSea?

Probably but it depends. Please contact us about the specific marketplace you want to cross-list on.

Apply for our creators program

We're currently partnering with select artists to feature on our platform. If you have a professional portfolio we'll accept you! Apply soon to be included.

Thanks for submitting!

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